ECTA owners Clint Lantz 1

I started weight training young, my obsession started in tenth grade of high school. My strength and conditioning coach was also my lacrosse coach. Being around his coaching style and how he trained; taught me discipline, will, and self-motivation.

He also showed me how I needed to prove to myself I could do whatever it was that I wanted to do. Honestly, I just wanted to impress my coach and show him I could actually lift the weight or do the drill at practice.

That mindset carried over to how I act in the gym. I don’t say I’m the strongest or the biggest. I can honestly say I will be the first to help someone with their form if they need it. Or simply encouraging someone who displays the hard work that they’ve put in at the gym. Those simple few words will lift someone up.

I coached a few years of youth lacrosse and helped a few people out at the gym. Seeing their confidence, and their self-esteem increasing is why I strive to continue.

I was a small skinny kid my whole life. Even with working out I gained no size. Until I found a crew of powerlifters who showed me what real intense training was. From there I was able to gain body weight, muscle, and the weight on the bar started to get heavier.

I remind young kids every day when they talk to me; “I don’t care what you weigh or what you can lift. None of that crap matters. What matters is that the will and desire to be legendary and not average is what I want to see.”

I always wanted to own my own business. I never knew how to go about it. When I met my wife, Tobie, I told her about my dream of owning a gym one day. She saw first hand the passion and the obsession I had for the sport of powerlifting. How I talked about it, analyzed it, continuously read articles to further my knowledge on the sport.

Out of nowhere one day she said, “we need to make your dream really happened”. She did everything for me that is overlooked in starting a business. I told her what I wanted, and she went to work right away. To achieve the foundation of ECTA there has been many long hours of; research, partnership meetings, emails, document creation and viewing of building spaces. This was just the two of us figuring it out from the ground up, no help or handouts.

What’s great about powerlifting is that no matter what your background is or where you are from, none of those things matter. What matters is 225lbs on the bar is 225lbs on the bar for everyone. It is all the same weight that someone lifts.



When I met Clint, I had never stepped foot into a gym.  I was that nervous girl, even with having anECTA owners Tobie Lantz 1 athletic background, I still thought I would be out of place, have no idea what to do or be stared at inappropriately. I quickly learned that the gym is not a negative atmosphere, everyone is there for their own reasons and focused on their personal goals.

I joined a gym only doing cardio, I lost about 15 pounds but I gained it back very quickly.  Clint took the time to teach me how to powerlift.  I will always remember him saying while learning to box squat, “just sit on the damn box like you sit on a chair”, I learned very quickly, that I over think.  Of course, I can sit on a box, that’s easy, well…. not so easy that first time. Once I relaxed and followed his instructions, it was such a rewarding feeling.  There were 3 of us in our group that worked out 4 days a week, 2 hour sessions.  Once I saw my squat, bench and deadlift numbers going up, WOW!  To push my body to a level and limitations I never thought imaginable was rewarding.  Looking back after a squat seeing my husband’s smile is what has also pushed me.

Powerlifting has been my weight loss success story. I lost 45 pounds in 9 months.  Cardio did not personally work for me. With Powerlifting I have been able to also keep the weight off.  I burn more calories pushing heavy weight. No special diet and no weight loss additives.   Focus, determination, and heavy ass weight is my go to.

Lastly, my personal goal at The Asylum is to ensure the women members feel safe, confident, beautiful empowered, strong, and badass.