We aren’t like these other commercial gyms, we will be a club atmosphere. We strive to produce the best person you can build within yourself to gain the strength, self-esteem, and confidence.

What you learn from and build inside ECTA, you’ll pass on to someone who might be down or needs a place to grow individually.

ECTS’s Mission

ECTA’s mission is to have our members gain confidence and strength to help build one another. Strive to push ourselves and surpass their own expectations. Prove to yourself that you’re more than just average.  BE LEGENDARY.

Goals for Members

Our primary focus will be to give dedicated powerlifters a gym to train without having to wait 30 plus minutes for equipment. The teenagers who need guidance in weight training will have that provided at ECTA. The gym will be able to assist lifters to property lift to be able to lift long term without burning out or injury.


  1. Respect for each other and equipment
  2. A real judgment free environment
  3. Educated and encouraging staff
  4. Empowering and Inspirational