It will be expected of all lifters to be positive and assist other lifters in spotting or form corrections. The primary focus will be on powerlifting and proper body mechanics to ensure lifters have years of being injury free. The gym will also be focused on teenagers/young adults who weren’t able to make a school sports team or who think they can’t lift. To give teenagers/young adults and adults the confidence they didn’t foresee in themselves will be a number one goal for ECTA. It will also be a safe haven for those teenagers/young adults who want to build confidence and get strong

Being a non-commercial gym will stand out for the serious lifter who wants to be able to train for an upcoming competition. The members who want to gain confidence and knowledge will feel comfortable coming to the owner or other lifters for advice within the gym. Women lifters will not have to worry about being nervous, uncomfortable or judged. Any concern or suggestions by members will be taken seriously and handled promptly.

ECTA’s gym will stand out from the local competitors due to the knowledge of the owner and compassion he has for powerlifting and weight/strength training. The drive to want to give members confidence and knowledge in the sport of powerlifting. The gym will not be a typical commercial gym, it will be focused on powerlifting. ECTA will be a club more so than a gym. Members will be recognized at the gym for their achievements within the gym or outside the gym; graduating school, new car, new job, engagement/marriage, etc.


ECTA owners Clint and Tobie Lantz 2

1-1 Personal Training

Offered in 8, 12, 16 week sessions. Available for beginners who want to see if they want to advance into powerlifting. The intermediate lifter who is at a sticking point, needs the trainer’s view to find what will advance the lifter to their potential and goals. Personal training is also available for the advanced lifter who wants to transition from raw lifting to geared lifting or also is at a sticking point with their goal numbers.

Pricing:  See owner for personalized plan and pricing.

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Group Training

Offered in groups of 3-4 members. The members will be paired with other gym members at an equivalent level of lifting. Group training gives members motivation and encouragement to push yourself to levels you did not see possible.

Pricing: See owner for personalized plan and pricing.

ECTA owners Clint and Tobie Lantz 3

Prepare for Competitions

1:1 Coaching will be available for a member who wants to compete in a powerlifting meet. A personalized training plan/schedule will be given weekly. 1:1 personal training, critiquing and meal planning will be offered. Handlers for competitions will be offered. Every member competing will have a 1:1 handler.

Pricing:  See owner for personalized plan and pricing.