First HUGE shoutout for partnerships goes to REP Fitness out of Carlisle, PA. Staff, Joe Koenecke has supported ECTA from the first day we emailed asking to meet and present our Business Plan. Receiving that email back from Joe within several hours was a moment for Clint and I of realization that “we are opening a gym for real”. We meet with Joe and his co-worker Andrew one week later.

REP Fitness is an extremely sustainable quality of equipment and the minor details are mind blowing that they have put into each piece of equipment. REP has mainly been a home gym manufacture, but they were willing to support our business and explore the “commercial” gym realm. (side note: Clint and I are avoiding the “commercial” gym wording as much as possible. We are a “club” based gym).

Joe will be at the Grand Opening to support ECTA and also answer any equipment questions. ????